25 October, 2011

Lets take a quiz!

Hello readers and writers i think we should do an Ariana Grande Quiz if u wanna answer comment below and ill check and see who answered each question 1st 
1)  In what year did Grande perform in the musical 13 and who did she play?
2)  Who is Grande's Best Friend?
3) When did Ariana first meet her Best Friend?
4) What was Ariana's High School  Called?
5) Where was Grande born and raised?
6) On what website did Grande reveal she had an allergy to Shellfish?
7) What is the full name of the character Grande plays on victorious?
8) Grande voices a recurring role of princess Diaspro on Which show?
9) What are Grande's 3 favorite TV shows
Final Question) What is Grande's favorite Word?
That was it remember to answer these questions you have 2 comment below 
Grande Luck Everyone !!!!!!!!


  1. Its @MsArianaFan

    1. She was in the musical 13 in 2008 and she played charlotte
    2. Aaron she tweeted it once :)
    3. 13 musical on broadway
    4. North broward Preparatory school
    5. Boca raton , florida
    6. Twitter
    7. Cat Hannah Valentine (Hannah is her middle name according to dan schneider
    8. Winx club
    9. americans next top model, Life series and victorious ;)
    10. Bubble

  2. hiii. @AmazaballAriana heree from Twitter :]
    1. 2008; Charlotte.
    2. Alexa Luria
    3. I believe in the 1st? grade, when she was getting bullied & Alexa came to defend her. Now they're best friends!
    4. N. Broward Prep. School
    5. Boca Raton, Florida
    6. Her Tumblr, :]
    7. Cat Valentine
    8. The Winx Club on Nickelodeon!
    9. Gossip Girl, Victorious, & America's Next Top Model? That's my guess. haha.
    10. I love this question. I remember Ariana tweeting it! I believe it's Bubble! So cute. :]
    I did my best! Hehee. ;] xo